About us

Our story

TrueStuff® is proud to offer a stylish and classical, eco-designed product line of bedding, towels and menswear.

TrueStuff® textiles are environmentally friendly while remaining true to their Nordic classical design heritage.

TrueStuff® assures high-end quality and timeless designs, manufactured by using environmentally sustainable practices.



TrueStuff® offers long lasting quality and innovative alternatives to the mass-produced textile products that are otherwise available on the market.

TrueStuff® organic cotton is organic certified and manufactured in the EU at factories that guarantee safe work environments for their employees along with protecting their fair employment rights.

Our company is solely devoted to creating, developing and manufacturing timeless eco-textile collections that are ecological design statements, purely and simply.



TrueStuff® was founded by Hanne Sall, who, after many years of working with textiles, design and production, are continually proving that ecologically produced textiles offer true value for the world.

TrueStuff® is a registered trademark owned by TrueStuff by Hanne Kjeldsen Sall. Our company has produced certified ecological products for the most demanding international green customers on the worldwide market for more than 10 years.